Robust. Spices make your dishes exponentially better. They will change your taste.

I kind of feel like a traitor today. Most all of my spices come from Savory Spices, and my recent discovery The Spice House. Spice House….that Porcini Mushroom Powder is a gift from umami heaven.

I ordered a few jars of blends that looked interesting from Penzey Spices. I gave them the scent test (which everyone should do when buying anything you’re going to put in your food!)…opened the jar of each one, closed my eyes, took that initial sniff, and let the scent envelop me. This is my essential oil process, as you all know. 🙂 Second smell…what could I use this spice with (already had preconceived notions when I ordered). The thing I’ve noticed when buying spices is you need to experience them across the senses.

Ordered eight little jars that looked interesting. Here are the three that survived. 🙂 The must-haves from Penzey’s:

  • Fox Point Seasoning – ummmm hello. I love you. I see you in so many Italian dishes, and sprinkled alone by yourself on crusty bread with olive oil.
  • Parisien Bonnes Herbes – my nose was intrigued. Maybe on a slow, roasted chicken, or in a hearty mushroom mix over wild rice.
  • Arizona Dreaming – I miss living in Arizona. I LOVE Arizona. Many friends and awesome experiences from this state. Back to the spice…I cannot wait to use it in tacos, fajitas, salsas….perhaps something else outside of the box. I’m in love with this one.

Explore the three above – you will not be disappointed. Some inject magic into your food. 🙂

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